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Interior Design

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Our Paint Color spectrum will give Your Home a “Paint Lift”! Let’ us work on the selection with you and be worry free as our extravagant painting crew will transform your home into a model, house for sale. Color is a key element to success! The Color Institute tells us 60% of the first impression is formed on color alone, so choosing the right color is essential. When you know, like we do, that more than 40% of the world’s paint sales are as a direct result of choosing the wrong color first—you can understand why every nuance of tint, shade and color—of every item in the home must harmonize and work together to capture attention and resonate the “buy me” message.

Allow us to consult you on selecting your project’s tiles, backsplash and/ or cabinets with a variety of quality and pricing packages for an astonishing matching result. We serve investors, builders and private homeowners.

Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Buyers will pay special attention to these areas. It is so important to ensure these rooms are in the best condition possible. This includes being clean and up-to-date.

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